Our Teachers

Our teachers bring our classes to life. For our students, teachers can be one of the first major impressions of Australia and a major connection to their experience of Australia. Our teachers are all fully qualified and dedicated teachers. We provide ongoing training to our teachers. We hope you love our teachers as much as we do.

Fergus, Australia

Lia, Ireland

Suzanne, England

Zsana, Australia

Professional Staff

Education is a life-long journey, and all of our staff are language learners and enthusiasts who love to share their experience and journey with students. All of our staff put the student at the center of everything we do to support the teachers and students to improve their English. We hope you love our staff as much as we do.

Daniel Ednie-Lockett, Principal Executive Officer

Jennifer Arias, Marketing Manager

Hiroka Tanaka, Student Services

Casper Zhang, Marketing Officer (Asia)